Big brains in small devices.

Big Brains in Small Devices

Efficient and Immersive C.V. experiences on the edge.


A.I. on the edge

C.V. represents the largest segment of A.I. today. While most of the computations are still carried in expensive data-centers, Polarr harnesses the GPUs in consumers’ pockets for higher power efficiency, lower latency and lower cost per operation.


Polarr Vision Engine

Committed to Consumer Experiences

Consumers own the largest amount of electronics, cameras, and sensors in the world, while hoarding digital content at exponential growth. From need finding to testing A.I. capabilities on millions of end-users, Polarr understands consumer need and builds A.I. in content creation, automation, and sharing.

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Aesthetic and Quality Evaluation

Polarr Vision Engine includes pre-trained neural network modules to quickly evaluate quality of images from lighting, details, composition, facial expressions, and other aesthetic attributes.

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Enhancements and Special Effects

Polarr’s consumer app customers have created a repository of over one million shareable effects for videos and images, allowing our engine to learn the best ways to enhance and stylize any content.

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Intelligent Content Privacy

From blurring backgrounds, generating anonymous faces, to erasing sensitive textual features, Polarr Vision Engine offers advanced capabilities to add visual privacy to image and video content.

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Similarity Analysis

Polarr Vision Engine’s fast de-duplication module matches similar content in astonishing speed and accuracy, enabling de-cluttered content browsing experience and surface the best content to users.

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Detection and Classifications

Polarr Vision Engine has built-in pre-trained neural network models with controllable size, accuracy and speed to identify objects, faces, actions, and stories from video or across a sequence of images.

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Manipulation Recommendations

Polarr Vision Engine includes proprietarily trained recommendation modules for adjustments such as smart cropping and realtime composition guidance while an image or video is captured.