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When we started Polarr in 2015, we saw the future of content is code, and the future in computation lies in distributed GPUs.

Throughout the years, our team built award-winning professional photo apps used by millions of photographers everyday, allowing us to experiment new technologies and gain inspirations from human-machine interactions.

We pushed the limit of C.V. and neural network efficiency on the edge, benchmarked and trained a large set of models that best represent our vision in creative content effect, evaluation, manipulation, and curation.

Today Polarr has curated a large repository of ready-to-deploy A.I. modules from telling stories in albums, to guiding photo composition in real-time, to understanding aesthetic, to enhancing resolution and clarity, to navigating cluttered media libraries. We’re using our ingredients to build a new generation of consumer experiences where artificial intelligence becomes truly meaningful to better every moment of our lives.

Our team is committed to continue exploring new possibilities in the intersection of creativity and productivity, while helping like-minded companies to accomplish their grander visions in consumer A.I. use cases.


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A.I. and C.V. on the edge is taking over the world. Want to be part of our story? Email founders@polarr.co or checkout our job listings.